2023 CANWA Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 24, 2023

Our vibrant Dragon Boat Festival party has come to an end with a resounding success! Sue, Yujuan, Mrs Voung, Susan, Michelle, Lihua, and Minzhi prepared delicious zongzi, various cold dishes, cold noodles, tea eggs, fried chicken, stewed chicken with taro, cakes, watermelon etc. Thank you for your great job and hard work! Qian Jianghong and I handed out prizes to several students from our youth group who won the President's Award. Also thanks to the gentlemen who volunteered and supported us behind the scenes. George and Cuihong helped to register the event attendees. Thank you all the sisters and brothers who have devoted their time and labor to prepare meals for the party, and thank you to the good friends who have prepared various games and props for this party. This party brought us abundant delicious food, fun, and happiness to everybody, which is our ultimate goal. Now everyone is already looking forward to the next party. Let us meet on Aug 15. Thank you all again! 

CANWA Chinese New Year Gala - Jan 22

What a successful Chinese New Year's Gala organized and presented by The Chinese Association of Northwest Arkansas! When you are having fun, time flies! We had a lot of fun indeed, enjoyed the delicious Chinese food, relished the joyment of performing art, met new friends, indulged in the moment with old friends. What a glorious night! Thanks to all the audiences and supporters! Thanks to all the people who performed on the stage or worked behind the scenes! A lot of people had spent a lot of time and effort to make this happen. We really appreciate their contributions! Special thanks to the young art performers who brought us the great joyful night! Let's meet next year. Wish everyone have a great and safe year ahead!!!