China Education Fund 教育基金

What is CANWA Education Foundation
Since found in 2013, CANWA education foundation has been focusing on helping economically disadvantaged students from underdeveloped areas of China, and supporting them go to college. The foundation has totally donated $29,600 to 36 students.
How do We Choose the Applicants?We distribute the application forms through our member connections, CANWA website and Facebook account.The applicants will provide a statement for the application, their transcript in high school, poverty proof from local government and three recommendation letters. Our committee volunteers will review the applications and contact the referees to confirm the financial need of the applicants.Some Recipients of Scholarship
In 2016, we provided scholarship to eight students from Guizhou and Hunan province. Each student received 5000 RMB (~750 USD). In 2017, 12 students from Guizhou, Hubei, Guangxi and Guangdong province received the scholarship of 7000 RMB, (~1100 USD) each. Now they are all in the first and second year of college!
How to Apply the Scholarship?Please see our instruction in Chinese belowSend your application to Email: canwa_edu@163.comFax your application to: (479)587-8754Contact our board members
How to Support Us?In the past three years, we have had great supports from local organizations and individuals. All supports are appreciated:Donations: you may scroll down to the bottom of this page to make a donation to the CANWA education program.Volunteers: become a volunteer in our education foundation. Please email us at to let us know.Make a Difference in a Child’s Life
We couldn’t achieve so much without your help in the past several years. We appreciate all the supports we received and look forward to your continuous supports.

2019年是CANWA第五年为中国贫困地区学生提供教育奖学金。从2013年起,我们已经累计资助52名贫困学生。我们希望通过大家的努力,能够找到这些需要帮助的学生并且给予我们最诚挚的帮助。如果您愿意和我们一起资助这些贫穷无助的学生们,请捐款至西北阿肯色华人协会教育基金, 更多的资金将会使更多的学生受惠。

2019年中国应届高考学生. 取得大学录取通知书并在本年度入学,品学兼优,家庭贫困。

申请截止时间:2019年 8月15号
提交方式:发送邮件至 标题“姓名_CANWA奖学金申请”
审核时间:8月15号 -- 8月20号

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