China Education Fund in Action

Within a short two-year history, through dedicated efforts and charitable events, CANWA has been well-accepted as a community connector to advocate Chinese culture and donate funding to support poor Chinese students and schools in China.

Last years, we provided scholarship to Chinese students who are the first generation enrolling into college and offered computers and Ping Pong tables to schools in the remote regions in China.

This year, we are very excited to announce that we are calling for 2016 CANWA Education Scholarship candidates, targeting towards first year freshmen in rural China who otherwise will have difficulties attending college. Dear all members, CANWA needs your help, please pass this application to the students you know in rural China who is currently experiencing financial hardship. We are looking for last year high schooler planning on attending college, with good grades and commendable characteristics. Our award for each student range from 4000-5000.

As more donation will help more students to go to college and change their life.

If you have candidates you know of, please email the application with all of the information as follows:
Record of grades, Village proof of financial hardship and the application. Email to with title “2016 CANWA Education Scholarship Application” or fax to (479)587-8754. All fields need to be filled to be considered for CANWA Education Scholarship.If you have any questions, please reach us at

Student Huang is a in-coming freshmen. His father died in an accident and his mother has been sick and was unable to find work. His second youngest brother is currently studying in high school but his youngest brother has dropped out to help out the family. Student Huang's family is in tremendous hardship and he is applying for scholarship from our organization so he can continue to go on to get education. 

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If you would like to help us out by making a donation, please click HERE