2016 Mid-Autumn Festival

Sept. 2016

CANWA celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival in Fayetteville with families and friends in NWA, with great entertainment, food, and games for all ages. 

Dance in the green

Aug. 2016

Together with local international organizations, our dance team had a wonderful performance at botanic garden of OZark. 

NWW Women Leadership Seminar

July 2016

CANWA and two other non profit organizations hosted a women leadership seminar to support and mentor women professionals in NWA. The event was well attended and all the speakers were exceptional. The panel included Seong Ohm, Sr. Vice President of Sam's Clubs, Sharon Orlopp, President of Orlopp Enterprise, Becky Paneitz, former president of Northwest Arkansas Community College, and Isabel Fang of Walmart. 

2016 Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 2016

Education Fund Program Launched

March 2016

This year, we are very excited to announce that we are calling for 2016 CANWA Education Scholarship candidates, targeting towards first year freshmen in rural China who otherwise will have difficulties attending college. Dear all members, CANWA needs your help, please pass this application to the students you know in rural China who is currently experiencing financial hardship. We are looking for last year high schooler planning on attending college, with good grades and commendable characteristics. Our award for each student range from 4000-5000 RMB. Deadline is April 1st to July 31st on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in donation, please donate through canwa.org under Education Fund or click on the link: Education fundAs more donation will help more students to go to college and change their life.

If you have candidates you know of, please email the application with all of the information as follows:
Record of grades, Village proof of financial hardship and the application. Email to canwa.info@gmail.com with title “2016 CANWA Education Scholarship Application” or fax to (479)587-8754. All fields need to be filled to be considered for CANWA Education Scholarship.If you have any questions, please reach us at canwa.info@gmail.com.
我们在此很高兴的为大家宣布我们CANWA第三年计画为中国偏远地区学生提供教育奖学金,今年我们第一次开放会员的参与,请会员们消息散布出去,我们希望藉由大家的努力,我们能够找到这些需要帮助的学生并且给予我们最诚挚的帮助。报名时间为April 1st - July 31st. 先报名者优先考虑直到今年7月底。

我们今天开始接收申请表 (申请表在右侧Resources栏下载),请将需要帮助的穷困学童的资料递交给我 Canwa.info@gmail.com或者是到传真到:(479)587-8754我们将会有人代为接收。

如果您愿意资助我们的捐助偏远山区学童基金会,请捐于canwa.org的教育基金。更多的资金将会使更多的学生受惠。 如果您有认识的偏远山区穷困生,请您代交于他们的: 报名表,政府部门穷困生证明,以及成绩单,寄到canwa.info@gmail.com标题“CANWA教育学金申请”或者传真到(479)587-8754。

​ 请将所有资料填齐我们才予以审理。若您有任何相关疑问,请寄信到canwa.info@gmail.com

CANWA Annual Meeting

Feb. 2016

CANWA held its annual meeting on 2/21/2016 to discuss and plan the upcoming activities in 2016 and to nominate and elect new board members and volunteers. 

2016 CANWA Chinese New Year Gala