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2024 CANWA Mid-Autumn Festival

Dear Members and Friends,

You're Invited to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! Join us for an enchanting evening under the luminous glow of the full moon as we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, hosted by the Chinese Association of Northwest Arkansas. This traditional festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a time-honored occasion to reunite with family and friends, enjoy delicious mooncakes, and appreciate the beauty of the moonlit night.

Highlights of the event include cultural performances, delectable spread of mooncakes and traditional Chinese food. Whether you're a longstanding member or new to our community, everyone is warmly welcomed to join in the festivities and experience the rich traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Please see the flyer for details.

CANWA Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 15, 2024

The Chinese Association of Northwest Arkansas orchestrated a joyful gathering and celebration for the Dragon Boat Festival. Held at the Charlie and Willie George park. Attendees relished authentic traditional Chinese delicacies like zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), BBQ, and a variety of other Chinese food. The festive atmosphere fostered camaraderie and community spirit, showcased Chinese heritage, creating lasting memories for all who attended. 

Anyone interested in the Legend of Dragon Boat Festival, you may click HERE.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May 17, 2024

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in northwest Arkansas is a vibrant celebration of the diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander communities to the region. 

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month serves as a platform to recognize the resilience, creativity, and cultural diversity of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in northwest Arkansas, while also promoting dialogue, collaboration, and cross-cultural exchange. It's a time to celebrate heritage, honor the past, and embrace the future together. 

CANWA Board member meeting on 3/9/24

Attendees: Cathy Luo, Jianghong Qian, Sue Mong, Jiali Li, Mrs Vuong, Clark Liu

The meeting facilitated constructive discussions on various topics, such as upcoming events layout, improvement on future events, financial management, community engagement etc. The collaborative efforts of the board underscored a commitment to advancing the association's mission of promoting Chinese culture and fostering cross-cultural understanding within the Northwest Arkansas community.

Upcoming Events:  06/15/24: Dragon Boat Festival;09/14/24: Mid-Autumn Festival;02/01/25: Spring Festival Gala

2024 CANWA Spring Festival Gala

The drums resound, echoing and reverberating, as dragons soar and tigers leap, bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. The Spring Festival Gala has been successfully held and concluded. Thanks to all the volunteers, performers, sponsors, audience, and board members. Everyone gathered joyfully to celebrate this moment, meeting old friends, and making new ones is truly a joyful thing. The most distinctive feature of the gala is, of course, the Chinese flavor. Our food exudes the essence of China, and the performances are full of Chinese charm: the 24-styles of the Qianlong fan, the dance of lady Chang'an, the Yue opera "Chasing Fish," Yangge dance, and the children's dragon dance, along with ballet and piano performances loved by all. The three main features are as follows: new – the actors have rehearsed new performances; extraordinary – the dragon dance is particularly outstanding; beautiful – many props and costumes are used to convey the most beautiful blessings to everyone. Your strong support give us the motivation and confidence, make the Gala so wonderful. Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. Let's make a promise: see you again at next year's Spring Festival Gala! 

Asian Business Information and CANWA Stage Props & Costume Rental:

If you are new here in Northwest Arkansas, we have compiled a list of local Chinese-Asian stores and restaurants for you. We also provide rental services of Chinese traditional props and costumes. Please click HERE for more details.

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